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Our September show was even more fantastic than we could even imagine. Let me tell you why. When we decided to book the Atlantic City Boys, as the Paisans Club always does,  I wanted to have something even more special so I decided to add a band but it still was not enough so I decided to add a three piece brass section and what we got was a night that was a night of unbelievable entertainment.  The AC Boys were on top of their game but when you added the 7 piece band it made up of 11 absolutely great entertainers. The show had all aspects that a great show should have. It had the 342 members that attended laughing, singing, dancing and reflecting back to when we all were younger. It was one of those shows that you just didn't want to end and when it did you became sad. A very special thank you to the AC Boys & band and a very very special thank you to Clark Barrios. 

Did you enjoy the St. Joseph's desserts?  They couldn't have been any fresher. 

Reminder to our members:   please don't forget 2020 membership renewal must be in by December 6, 2019, you snooze you will loose your Paisans Club membership.  But the good thing is if you don't renew you will make the person that takes your spot very happy.

Emails have been sent to all curent members for our January, February & March 2020 Spectacular Showcase Shows. 2020 will be a year that our members will not forget making our entertainment second to none. Our budget for 2020 is approximately $86,000 that's only one of the reasons the Paisans Club is the Rolls Royce Of Social Clubs and one of the other reasons is our fantastic members.  THANK YOU

I hope all our members are aware that we're sold out (no tickets available) for our October, November & December shows. Tickets are for members only. Don't forget to review The Paisans Club ticket policy.   We once again sold 990 tickets the same as last time but this time we sold out in just 2 days. I think that's pretty amazing don't you.

Are you a member and not receiving emails:  Contact us at paisansclub@gmail.com 

The Italian Paisans Club represents




P R E S I D E N T -           Jerry Vicenti - 908-705-1857


TREASURER -                Thomas Lettieri  352-350-6159

SARGENT@ARMS -     Charles A. Barbossa -- 751-0549
                                             Jack Fitzpatrick

-                 Annette Vicenti

BIGLIETTAIO                Gerri Cipollone

                                             Tommy Lettieri

BADGES                           Carol Verville

RAFFLE                                  Eileen Rose Barbossa

                                              Sandra Lee Clark
                                             Joanne Fitzpatrick
                                             Sylvia Gaeta  

                                             Liliana Hamilton        

                                             Ralph Michaels

                                                Denyse McHugh


CLUB GURU                   Nilda Santiago



DECORATIONS              Joanne Fitzpatrick                                 
MAI.TRE'D                       Jimmy Cipollone


OFFICER                           Paul Rizzuto