When Annette and I started to book the entertainment for this Father's Day over a year ago we wanted to make it a special night of entertainment. What the hell it's Father's Day,  so we came up with the idea to book The Mystics, a group with class and a group who has a history of having the greatest #1 hit in 1959 "Hushabye".  

Then we wanted  to add more to the night's entertainment atmosphere so  we come up with one of the best, in my opinion, and he is the best Armando Kortbus Diaz with a Tribute to Frank Sinatra.  At this point we wanted to add even more we came up with a gift for all Dads so we added a custom Italian Paisans Club Hat and then we added the St Joseph's Pastry for dessert which we believed would  make one hell of a night.  And the results was, it was one hell of a show.

The Mystics put on a fantastic performance and the band was second to none. Armando added class to the total show he put on a performance that set the mood for the rest of this unbelievable night.  And what about the duet with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis.  A very special Thank you  to the Mystics and Armando for making our Father's Day so very special and for making Annette's and my goal making this Father's Day very special.

As all our members should know by now we have changed our entertainment for August we changed our only dance this year to a show. The one that benefits the most are our members they are getting a show that would cost as much as $35 a ticket.  Our members & guests are getting high level entertainment for the same price we were charging for the dance only $10.  Sorry to the members that didn't get a ticket but we are sold out. The August Show with Sound Of Soul performing will be the Best bargain you will get this year. 

A special thank you to our members. Just a fast reminder an email will be going out to all Paisans Club members for October, November & December on August 1st. Annette and I are so very proud that we have sold out for every show for the last 6 years in a row with over 330 members or guests in attendance, yes every month that includes the summer months.  That's one hell of an achievement. 

Are you a member and not receiving emails:  Contact us at 

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  • Frank Sinatra-All My Tomorrows4:35