Annette & I are so proud of the Paisans Club and are very thankful for all what The Villages has given us. But what we're truly thankful for is all our loyal members and for our guests that attended the Paisans Club in July and August.   Because of our members and guests, we have bragging rights, we sold out to all our shows for the last six years in a row and our August show was no exception, the 335 members and guests saw one of the best Motown groups in country. Their high energy, dance moves and superior vocals delighted and amazed the audience. I know, their performance amazed the hell out of me. It was an unbelievable show and you only paid $10, this was and will be the best deal you will ever get anywhere in The Villages or just anywhere.  Did you enjoy those desserts?  If there was any more filling in the eclairs they would have blew up.   They were umm umm good.  

Just a reminder September 1st will start the club renewal period. On September 1st all members will receive a renewal email with an attached 2020 membership renewal form, NOTE:  your renewal form must be received by December 6th 2019 or you will no longer be a Paisan Club member. PLEASE follow all instructions.

I hope all our members are aware that we're sold out of our October, November & December shows. We once again sold 990 tickets the same as last time but this time we sold out in just 2 day. I think that's pretty amazing don't you.

One more update, on October 1st 2019 we will be announcing our January, February & March 2020 shows. Please visit our website periodically to keep updated on the Paisans Club.

Are you a member and not receiving emails:  Contact us at 

The Italian Paisans Club represents




P R E S I D E N T -           Jerry Vicenti - 908-705-1857


TREASURER -                Thomas Lettieri  352-350-6159

SARGENT@ARMS -     Charles A. Barbossa -- 751-0549
                                             Jack Fitzpatrick

-                 Annette Vicenti

BIGLIETTAIO                Gerri Cipollone

                                             Tommy Lettieri

BADGES                           Carol Verville

RAFFLE                                  Eileen Rose Barbossa

                                              Sandra Lee Clark
                                             Joanne Fitzpatrick
                                             Sylvia Gaeta  

                                             Liliana Hamilton        

                                             Ralph Michaels

                                                Denyse McHugh


CLUB GURU                   Nilda Santiago



DECORATIONS              Joanne Fitzpatrick                                 
MAI.TRE'D                       Jimmy Cipollone


OFFICER                           Paul Rizzuto


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