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On Sunday, January 20th the Paisans Club had their first of three Spectacular Showcase Show for 2019 and it was one fantastic unbelievable show.  The Nowhere Band the #1 Beatles Premier Tribute Band in the country performed and they didn't let the sold out crowd of 336 members down. All I can say it they got 4 standing ovations.

As I've been promising,  we are going to raise the level of our entertainment for 2019 and January was just the start. As I stated our entertainment budget has increased for 2019. Every show will be some of the best entertainment you will see at any venue in Florida.  

Did you enjoy those eclairs?  I don't think they could have squeezed any more creme into them.   Thank you Tommy for picking them up.  Your Paisans truly appreciate all you do.

Our upcoming Divas Through The Decades Tribute SOLD OUT show is just another great show you have not seen anywhere in The Villages.  This is a show you don't what to miss.

Just a few fast reminders: ALL ticket holders MUST have their show tickets with them before entering the show.  The first page of this website always has a copy of what the month's ticket looks like.

On February 1st an email will be going out to all members for our April Show only and on March 1stan email will go out for our May & June shows.

What's even more unbelievable I have started to book our entertainment for 2020, can you imagine trying to raise our entertainment level again I don't know how we can raise it more than our 2019 entertainment  but I'm going to try like hell to achieve that goal.

Thank you for making & keeping THE ITALIAN PAISANS CLUB the Rolls Royce of social clubs.

All event tickets are sold by mail.  We want all members to have an equal chance to purchase tickets.   Reminders are emailed the Sunday prior to our meeting date.  The Paisans Club meets the 3rd Sunday of every month at Seabreeze Rec Center from 6 to 9 unless announced otherwise.

Are you a member and not receiving emails:  Contact us at paisansclub@gmail.com 

The Italian Paisans Club represents




P R E S I D E N T -           Jerry Vicenti - 908-705-1857

                                            & Mrs. Jerry

TREASURER -                Thomas Lettieri  352-350-6159

SARGENT@ARMS -     Charles A. Barbossa -- 751-0549
                                             Jack Fitzpatrick

-                 Annette Vicenti

BIGLIETTAIO                Gerri Cipollone

                                             Tommy Lettieri

BADGES                           Carol Verville

RAFFLE                                  Eileen Rose Barbossa

                                              Sandra Lee Clark
                                             Joanne Fitzpatrick
                                             Liliana Hamilton

                                             Ralph Michaels

                                             Diane Walker

ALTERNO                         Sylvia Gaeta   

                                              Nilda Santiago          


DECORATIONS              Joanne Fitzpatrick                                         
MAI.TRE'D                       Jimmy Cipollone


OFFICER                           Paul Rizzuto