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If you like the songs of Billy Joel you're going to love this group. 

The Paisans Club  "The Rolls Royce" of Social clubs is proud to be headlining "Turnstiles".   This band is the premier Billy Joel Tribute Band in the country.  Tony Monaco the lead vocalist will perform many of Billy Joel's hits.  Tony's performance will give you the feeling that you're attending one of Billy Joel's live performances.  His focus is simply on the music and delivers a faithful and completely live Billy Joel experience to share with others.  Turnstiles renditions of Billy's classic songs are certain to have you on your feet and have you singing along with all the classics.  If you're a Billy Joel fan or you just love classic Rock & Roll music, this show is for you.  Only at the Paisans Club. This show is not just an unbelievable show it's an experience.