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It has been one hell of a year.  One more month left to this unbelievable year at the Paisans Club.  I have been trying to book the Capris for over 3 years. After talking to Rocky from Rocky & The Rollers he made it happen.  But the story doesn't stop here. What happened next was one of the BEST shows that you ever seen in the Villages if not Florida.  Rocky & The Rollers opened the show and to the surprise to all 340 members Rocky brought with him two if the icon entertainers from the 60's.  First he introduced La La Brooks, lead singer from The Crystals La La  sang two of the Crystal's #1 hits and it don't stop there.  After La La Brooks roof rocking performance, Rocky introduced Dennis Tufano, lead singer from The Buckinghams, his performance kept the roof rocking. Are you still with me because I'm not done yet. That would be a show all by itself but not at The Paisans Club. I'm no way going to forget to tell you we also had the best D J in the Villages, Al Brady,  he added so much class and professionalism to this show. Are you still with me? what came next was Al Brady announcing the Capris they put on a show that you will remember for the rest of your life.  It was like having 4 outrageous shows rolled into one. Don't forget those delicious desserts.  In my opinion it was one of the best shows that we had at the Paisans Club and with that said we have had many icons of rock & roll in the past. A very special thank you to Rocky & The Rollers, La La Brooks, Dennis Tufano and all our great members.

We're ending 2019 with an Italian Christmas Show that will be one of the Best Italian shows.  Two of the best Italian tenors in the country. Opening the show will be Anna Maria Soprano and headlining Franco Corso.   This is just another show you don't want to miss, only at The Paisans Club. Sorry we're sold out.  

Next year, 2020, with a budget that will hit $90,000 our members are not going to believe that our entertainment lineup has reached an even higher level than 2019. Who knows how high we will go. 

Annette & I want you wish all our great members a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Just a reminder 2020 membership renewal period ends December 6th 2019. 

Are you a member and not receiving emails:  Contact us at 

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