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I want to start off my last President Speaks for 2019 thanking all of our 700 new and loyal Paisan Members.   Annette and I can't tell you enough how we appreciate each and every member. A very special Thank you to all for your generous Christmas Gifts we were overwhelmed by your generosity.   

2019 was an unbelievable fantastic year for the Paisans Club.  With a budget of $86,000 we had the entertainment level you will only find at the much bigger venues. We had entertainers at the Paisans Club which you have not seen in the Villages before.  As I promised, we raised the level of entertainment each and every year for the last 8 years. Just to highlight only some of our entertainment for 2019, Who remembers Divas Through The Decades Show, Turnstiles a Bill Joel Tribute Show, The Drifters, The Capris, La La Brooks lead singer for the Crystals and Dennis Tufano lead singer for the Buckinghams and to put the cherry on the cake our Christmas show Italian style with Franco Corso & Ann Maria Soprano.  See the chaulk board on the left PAST SHOWS 2014 THRU 2019 for details.   It was one hell of year. 

2020 is going to be no exception we will be raising our entertainment level once again, can you believe it?  I book our entertainment and some times don't believe who I am booking.  I just finalized our entertainment schedule for 2020. 

We have announced our Spectacular Showcase Shows for January, February & March and we are SOLD OUT.  Just a reminder, please read our Ticket Policy.  Wait until you see our entertainment lineup for the rest of 2020 it is second to none and with a budget approximately $90,000 our entertainment will once again amaze you.  (It's amazing to me)

Does anyone remember when the Paisans Club was first created, do you remember our desserts? the entertainment?  We've surely came a long way.    With over 3,000 dance clubs in the Villages my goal was to make the Paisans Club different than the rest and I sure did.  This club has achieved this level because of you our members.  I always say the Paisans Club is The Rolls Royce of Social clubs. 

Annette & I want to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family & May God Bless & Watch over you. 

Are you a member and not receiving emails:  Contact us at 

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P R E S I D E N T -           Jerry Vicenti - 908-705-1857


TREASURER -                Thomas Lettieri  352-350-6159

SARGENT@ARMS -     Charles A. Barbossa -- 751-0549
                                             Jack Fitzpatrick

                                                                    Tom McHugh

-                 Annette Vicenti

BIGLIETTAIO                Gerri Cipollone

                                             Tommy Lettieri

BADGES                           Carol Verville

RAFFLE                                  Eileen Rose Barbossa

                                              Sandra Lee Clark
                                             Joanne Fitzpatrick
                                             Sylvia Gaeta  

                                             Liliana Hamilton        

                                             Ralph Michaels

                                                Denyse McHugh


CLUB MASTER OF ALL      Nilda Santiago



DECORATIONS              Joanne Fitzpatrick                                 
MAI.TRE'D                       Jimmy Cipollone


OFFICER                           Paul Rizzuto